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Permanent Sinus Headache Relief - Drug Free!

Sinus Headaches Relieved in 4 Treatments!

Sinus Headache Case Study

Patient:  A 30 year old female who has a history of sinus infections, concussion, left eye glaucoma, and facial surgery (to insert tubes in order to reduce pressure in eye and sinus cavities) came into the clinic with a chief complaint of frequent episodes of sinus pain and headaches.  Patient was experiencing 4-7 on a scale of 10 pain with her headaches. Patient had more pain in the morning than at night.  Patient was having at least 2 severe (7/10 pain) headaches per week.

Treatment: Patient had 4 treatments of Nasal Skeletal Release, neck manual therapy, and facial manual therapy.  The addition of neck and facial manual therapy was used to relax the joints of the cranium to make the nasal release more effective.

Results: Patient reports that she was able to breath better after the first treatment. After 2 treatments, patient reports that her pain decreased from 4-7/10 to 2-3/10 pain. After 4 treatments, patient reports that she no longer has sinus pain and has had a significant decrease (down to 1 per month) in the number of sinus headaches.

Patient reports that when she has sinus/allergy issues, the mucus clears out of the sinuses much sooner.  Patient reports that the increased mucus clearing is helping to stop the sinus pressure from building up and causing subsequent sinus headaches.