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Spine Program

Spine pain is a fact of life that touches each of us either personally or through family and friends on a daily basis. We believe that what matters most in a spine program is RESULTS!

Historically, spine pain has been a difficult diagnosis to treat successfully. We have developed a spine program that gets outstanding results by utilizing a three phase protocol tailored by the physical therapist to each individual's needs with our combination of state of the art equipment, manual therapy, complete core stabilization, and spinal decompression to create our proven track record of success.

Phase One 

Primarily focusing on addressing the level of pain associated with the current diagnosis through multiple modalities and treatment protocols as well as any secondary issues such as muscle spasms, nerve root irritation, and inflamed facet joints. The goal is always to return our patients to their prior level of activity and pain free status as quickly as possible.

Phase Two 

Goes deeper into identifying possible perpetuating factors and correcting the underlying issues that led to the most recent episodes of pain. Many spine issues can be addressed if not corrected with the appropriate manual techniques and/or spinal decompression.

Phase Three 

About making sure that everything that has been accomplished in phases one and two becomes a long term solution and not just a “quick fix”. Our goal upon discharge is to have addressed any and all problem areas and insure that our patients have any tools that they may possibly need to prevent recurrence.

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