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» Pre and Post Op Rehab : Pre and Post Op Rehab

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Pre and Post Op Rehab

Here at Curnyn Physical Therapy we treat patients both before and after surgeries such as hip/knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, repair of fractured bones, knee ligament reconstruction, and spinal surgery.

The purpose of pre- & post- operative rehabilitation is to provide a rapid recovery and optimal outcomes from surgery. Therapists maintain close communication with the physician regarding the individual treatment plan and the scope of the patient’s needs.


The pre-op visit allows the patient to meet the therapist who will plan their post-operative care and ask questions about their upcoming care. This is also an opportunity for the patient to practice with post-surgery assistive devices such as walker, crutches, or cane. The therapist will explain the post-operative program and goals. Regaining movement and strength helps facilitate optimal tissue healing and recovery of functional capabilities.


Post-operative care begins as soon as the patient returns home thanks to the benefits of the pre-op visit. Treatment frequency and duration will depend upon individual functional limitations, tissue healing, and specific protocols. Treatment plans will typically include:

  • Modalities and Physical Agents to decrease pain and swelling - to decrease pain and swelling
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Activity guidelines (do's and dont's) to both protect and optimize outcomes
  • Return to sports/activities schedule to facilitate your understanding and participation for your goals
  • A home exercise program that the patient can do independently by following written instructions from the therapist

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