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Spinal Decompressive Traction

Spinal Decompressive Traction has brought cervical and lumbar traction into the 21st century. Traction has been a long standing tool in the physical therapy arsenal for controlling spine pain. The older "traditional" traction tables would pull the entire spine in an attempt to recreate spacing in hopes of relieving the pressure on irritated tissue and nerves.

The new research associated with spinal decompression shows that it has had a tremendous benefit for not only controlling pain in the short term, but  creating the longer, more lasting benefit of increasing “circulation” to the discs of the spine and thus controlling the inflammation which has proven, the majority of the time, to be the source of the pain. The other huge benefit to spinal decompression is the ability to target the specific segment of the spine that is causing the problem. In the proper experienced hands we have seen a dramatic benefit in helping us get to a >90% success rate with our spine pain population. 

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