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» Cold Laser (LLLT)
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Cold Laser (LLLT)

Cold Laser Treatments are easily the newest modality physical therapists have at our disposal for controlling pain. - only recently certified by the FDA for clinic use. Possibly the most versatile modality we have, there are few contraindications for trials of cold laser.

With more traditional physical agents physical therapists often rely on increasing or decreasing blood flow to an area to effect the underlying tissue inflammation. Cold laser has no effect on blood flow, but rather goes to some of the smallest cellular components of the tissues to “jump start” the healing process. Like all of the clinical modalities we use in physical therapy, our licensure acts control the access to level of sophistication and/or intensity/power and/or ultimately the effectiveness of treatments.

We've been pleased with not only the versatility of cold laser but the dramatic effects of some of our more stubborn pathologies of trigger points or tendinitis.

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