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Back Pain

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Back Pain

Treatment for Back Pain in Fort Worth

Why Does My Back Hurt??

Why is it so important to find the exact CAUSE of your back pain? We see many back pain and sciatica sufferers who've had failed treatment in the past...Failed surgery...Failed injections...No relief with chiropractic care...And even more pain after Physical Therapy elsewhere... And most of the time...the sufferer was getting treatment that did not treat the CAUSE of his or her back pain.

What are the 3 most common causes of back pain and sciatica?Back Pain Fort Worth

Cause #1: Arthritis, Stenosis and Disc Degeneration

Cause #2: Herniated Discs

Cause #3: The SI Joint and Pelvis

"But I've already had an MRI or X-ray...I know what's causing my back pain and sciatica..." With 30 years of treating back pain patients, I can state with confidence that many times the MRI/Xray accurately reflects the cause of pain, many times the MRI/Xray results explain part of the the problem causing the pain, and often the MRI/Xray results don't reflect the current source of the pain at all. 

Is there Hope?

Absolutely! There are times when back pain is caused by circumstances that can't be helped with physical therapy and part of the PT's job is determining if that's the case in their evaluation. Fortunately, this is a very small percentage of back pain sufferers. That means that for the majority of cases, physical therapy can help.

Many people become concerned because the same activities-or even their favorite activities-consistently cause them pain. The good news is:  If the PAIN is REPRODUCIBLE, then it is usually REDUCIBLE.

By "reproducible", we mean when you do an activity, the pain increases. By "reducible" we mean the pain has the potential to decrease with the appropriate treatment.

"My pain is reproducible, but I've tried other treatments and nothing seems to help long term... 

There are many treatment options advertised for back pain, even within the field of physical therapy, but the proven, most effective, treatment options supported by extensive research are:

Manual Therapy *** Specific targeted exercises *** Traction

This is where the importance of selecting a back pain specialist with extensive advanced education and experience combined with cutting edge equipment and technology comes into play. 

I can't tell you how many times a patient has come in our clinic after receiving physical therapy elsewhere that didn't help or made their back pain worse. Most of the time, they received exercise instruction and possibly traditional traction so why didn't this work? In the majority of cases there were some structural or functional problems caused by their back pain that needed to get addressed BEFORE exercising/traction. This can cause further irritation or reinforce the structural/functional issues instead of resolving the problem/pain.

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