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» Back Pain : Arthritis, Stenosis and Disc Degeneration

Back Pain

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Arthritis, Stenosis and Disc Degeneration

These 3 are listed together because the way they cause pain is similar...

Have you ever noticed the person leaning on the shopping cart as they walk through the grocery store? Then there's a good chance you've seen a person with arthritis, stenosis or disc degeneration (often written on X-ray of MRI reports as "DDD").

People suffering with arthritis, stenosis and DDD usually have pain with standing walking. They will usually have more than 50 candles on the their next birthday cake (50 years of age or older). AND they get relief when they sit down. They will frequently say, "Let me jut sit down for a minute". (Not because they're tired, but because of back and leg pain and discomfort.)

In fact, if you've identified with the 3 items above..Pain with standing and walking that goes away when you sit down AND you're 50 years of age or older, then there's a 99% chance you have arthritis, stenosis and DDD.

Here's How it Works... 

Compared to when you were 18 years old, are you taller now? Most likely not... Most of us shrink as we age. One of the key factors to us shrinking as we age is a decrease in the space between the bones in your back (the bones are called "vertebrae"). So when that happens, the hole where the nerve comes out in the back also shrinks.

So when we bend back, as when we are standing or walking the hole gets smaller and puts more pressure on the nerve.

When we lean forward, as when we sit down, the hole gets bigger and takes pressure off of the nerve.

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