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Curnyn Physical Therapy

When Your Pain Needs More Than A Home Exercise Program!

Why is Curnyn Physical Therapy your best choice for physical therapy?

Our team of physical therapists are unmatched in Fort Worth for their combination of post-graduate manual skills. This means that when needed, a combination of therapists can be used to ensure that our patients get the outstanding results that we are known for.

Our patients get results fast with our care. All patients are treated one-on-one by a licensed physical therapist with extensive education and training beyond their original degree as well as 15+ years experience.

We utilize a manual therapy approach to restore your movement and function. Our therapists work hands-on to correct problems in joints, muscle tissues, or connective tissues. Correcting mechanical problems goes to the root of most patients' pain.

We strive to educate our patient in all facets of health. We believe that a patient who thoroughly understands his or her condition creates a more successful outcome.

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When Your Pain Needs More Than A Home Exercise Program!

Welcome to the PT owned difference! We have been providing a higher level of care to Fort Worth patients for 24 years. If you haven't experienced the difference, you haven't experienced true physical therapy!

Curnyn Physical Therapy in Fort Worth. Just North of the Vickery St. Intersection